Thursday, 14 June 2007

Last Night's TV

Costa Gouranga (8.00pm, Sky One) began its second season last night. The premise remains the same as last year: sixteen followers of Hare Krishna are flown to the tourist resort of Benidorm to operate two competing hotels. Every week they have to perform special tasks while keeping their customers happy. How will they deal with a constant flow of boozed-up randy young people?
How indeed? Not very well if the first episode is anything to go by. Toby, leader of the blue team started poorly by refusing to leave the airport, causing his team to suffer their first challenge defeat of the season. Their punishment was to each drink a yard of ale, leaving the bald tee-totallers reeling in the streets while their captain handed out leaflets in the departure lounge of the airport.
The makers of the show are hoping to avoid the unfortunate events that marred the finale of the last season of Costa Gouranga, in which six of the participants were killed and twelve people were badly burned.

Madeline, the chat show on Channel 4 (9.00pm) goes from strength to strength. As with most chat shows, celebrity guests appear on the program to promote their new products, but this one has a twist: the show’s host, Madeline Albright, doesn’t get paid unless the guests have a tantrum and leave the show in an angry huff. Last night saw her set fire to Russell Brand’s hair and defecate in Helen Mirren’s lap. The Kaiser Chiefs started to play out the show but left the stage after only 36 seconds due to being pelted with bricks by the host.
Channel 4 are to be applauded yet again for this brave and exciting new series. Next week’s guests include Michael Palin and Margaret Atwood.

Not so exciting was BBC1’s new period drama, Dribble (7.00pm). The story is based around Thomas Dribble, played by Robert Carlyle, and his attempts to woo the lovely Stephanie, played by Rosamund Pike. He is hindered in his quest by his inability to grow mutton-chop sideburns, and the series follows his various attempts to build fake ones. Costing the corporation eighteen million pounds, this is definitely one new show to avoid.

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