Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My Wedding: Imaginary Reviewed!

As many of you know, I am finally no longer living in sin. Yes, I am now a husband in the eyes of both God and my wife, the two things I fear most in the world. Just kidding! I don’t believe in God.

The ceremony itself was beautiful. As I mentioned before I left, we got married in Hawaii, on the picturesque island of Maui, which lends itself to all sorts of wedding-related puns, none of which I will subject you to here.

The location of the wedding was absolutely perfect. Our setting was a beachfront plantation house with gorgeous views and all-you-can-drink seawater, and the ceremony itself was sheltered by tall, majestic palm trees. Only one guest was maimed by falling coconuts, and his family was treated to a complimentary deckchair.

As my bride and I stood there in front of our friends and family, we listened intently to our priest trying to make himself heard over the sound of the waves, the wind and our weeping bank manager. It was that point when I looked at all our happy guests, my beaming bride and the caterers setting up the tables for the reception, and a big, contented smile ran across my face. Yes, I thought. This is a truly wonderful day. This is a day that I will remember forever, a magnificent and auspicious day. For today I can reveal to my guests that while I told them that there is an open bar, it is actually a cash bar. They may think they’re getting free booze, but I’m not spending a penny on their alcoholism.

You should have seen their faces.

After the ceremony, Mrs. Imaginary Reviewer and I had our photos taken by our excellent photographer (whose thumb is so well-structured that we don’t mind its appearance in most of our shots. In fact, it’s an improvement on my face in many of them).

During the reception, we opened the floor to anyone who wished to make a speech under the strict condition that they did so while trying to avoid a barrage of crossbow fire that my wife and I sent their way from the head table. There was only one taker, and Great Aunt Helga should be commended for her excellent oration and impressive (but not impressive enough) ducking and weaving skills. She will be sadly missed.

Many of our guests informed us after the wedding that they enjoyed the food greatly. In fact, they almost enjoyed it as much when it came back up again, hours later.

Rather than have a DJ at our wedding, we decided to save money by having an iPod reception. We would recommend that anyone doing the same thing should get a dependable, responsible (and preferably sober) person to control the music. As it was, due to my Uncle Vigo’s inebriation and unfamiliarity with new technology, our first dance was to a medley of songs by Extreme Noise Terror and the first twelve seconds of The Macarena repeated sixteen times. The reception carried on mostly in this way, with interesting musical juxtapositions being created between disparate acts such as Alien Sex Fiend, Dolly Parton, Napalm Death and Falco.

After the wedding was over and the landowner had chased us all away with shotguns and dogs, my new bride and I retired to our condo, tired but happy. It was at this point that the marriage was consomméd. After adding a mixture of ground meats, egg whites and tomato to our marriage, we simmered it for a while and then filtered it. The result was not entirely what I was expecting, and I can’t really see what the big fuss is over marriage consommétion. I’m told it gets better with time, so I think Mrs Imaginary Reviewer and I should try again some time. It does make a mess of the bed, though.

So now we are back to the reality of Toronto, with the smog and the raccoons and the unending despair that comes with each day that Now Toronto refuses to respond to my daily begging letters. Thanks to everyone who has sent me congratulatory messages, normal Imaginary service should be resumed shortly!


Red said...

That consommé sounds delicious!

Gwen said...

Since this was all imaginary you could have at least said I was there.

Some Guy said...

No wedding reception is complete without a little "Rock Me, Amadeus".

katrocket said...

Gwen has a good point, but your awesome paragraph about the iPod DJ certainly made me feel like I was there. I seem to end up at a lot of parties with that same DJ.

Great review, and glad you're back!

trixie + beever said...

What, no imaginary snowstorm? NO fistfights, either? Sounds disappointingly beautiful.
Congrats to you & the Mrs.

words...words...words... said...

You've inspired a fun wedding idea in my head. I say you should have a bracelet entitling one guest to open bar privileges, and have all the guests decide the winner either by a coconut relay race, or coconut dodgeball.

Also, the only problem with consommeting your marriage (an otherwise lovely event) is that someone has to sleep in the wet spot.

Captain Incredible said...

One of your best reviews yet - if it were real, what a lucky man you'd be...

Mr London Street said...

A post which both references and tags Austria's finest pop musik son cannot be anything but superb.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Red: You think so? The tomatoes did tend to dye the skin a little.

Gwen: Did I forget to mention that? Oh crap. Wait here one second...


Some Guy: I'll take either that or Love Shack.

Kat: I'll be honest: I was quite surprised by how well the Napalm Death went down with the over-50s.

T&B: There was a fistfight, but as Mrs Imaginary Reviewer kicked my arse I didn't want to mention it.

WWW: Oh man, that's a great idea! You could have a fight to the death or something! And regarding the second comment: Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Captain: Thank you, my good sir!

Mr LS: Many thanks! It was a late addition; I was going to reference wacked-out French (?) synth pop oddities Army of Lovers, but I thought that might be too obscure.

Mr London Street said...

I believe they are French, and I like 'Crucified' as much as the next man, but I think playing them at your wedding might not have been quite as hetero as the occasion demanded.

Anonymous said...

That sounds suspiciously like a NON imaginary review to me you know. Congratulations to you and Mrs. IR. I am particularly amused by Alien Sex Fiend and Falco. WTH man?!

Also one wants to know what the Macarena was doing on your iPod to being with.

Soda and Candy said...

"Maui, which lends itself to all sorts of wedding-related puns, none of which I will subject you to here"

Good God man, what have we come to when bloggers hold back the puns?! Marriage has softened you; perhaps you were consomméting for too long.

BeckEye said...

Were you being serious about the iPod reception? Because that actually sounds awesome.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Mr LS: 'Crucified' really is a great track, isn't it? To YouTube, I feel!

VA: I shall be honest. I own no Macarena. I do, however, have some Alien Sex Fiend and Extreme Noise Terror.

S&C: I have to be honest, after three weeks in the Pacific, the "Getting Maui'd" and "Getting Lei'd" puns do tend to grate a little. It was more for my own well-being than my readers', to be honest!

Beckeye: There was indeed an iPod reception. But beware: You are responsible for all the music if you do it that way, you can't blame anything on a crap DJ. Top Imaginary Reviewer Tip: Arrange everything into playlists, (dinner music, early oldies, later upbeat stuff, etc) and switch between them at appropriate points.

Erin said...

If I ever get married, I'm walking down the aisle to Extreme Noise Terror. That was decided long ago.