Thursday, 1 October 2009

Theories of Everything

One of the goals that science has tried to achieve in the last few centuries is a unified theory of everything. Such a theory would explain everything there is to explain, like ‘what is wood made of’, ‘how many legs does a fly really have’ and ‘why do people watch The Hills’.

So far science has not been able to find such a theory, with most attempts falling at the wayside like a fat kid on a cross-country run. It seems to some scientists that maybe science doesn’t have all the answers after all, and maybe there really is a magic sky pixie who wants us to eat Jesus Biscuits on Sundays and hate gays. But that hasn’t deterred some of the finest minds in the planet, and their new theories are reviewed below.

Many people have heard of String Theory. This is the view that everything is made up of tiny strings that are actually waves which exist in an 11-dimension multisomething. Superstring Theory is very similar, but it’s faster, you can control the end bosses and Chun-Li can shoot fireballs. Neither has really taken off, but maybe Sillystring theory will.

Everybody loves webcomics. This one from is The inclusion of a picture in this post will hopefully encourage people to keep reading, despite the prohibitive amount of text.

Sillystring Theory is the idea that everything is actually made up of multicoloured foam. According to the theory’s main proponent, Doctor Isabella Cartography, if you look inside the nucleus of any atom, you’ll first see a tiny man unaware of the futility of his own solitary existence, and just behind him you’ll see sillystring. This material wobbles slightly (like the aforementioned fat child) and the differences in wobble (known as “tremble disposition”) cause matter to take different forms.

While this theory makes perfect sense on paper, when you actually vocalise it there are numerous contradictions that make the universe collapse like a fat kid being made to run around the school field on a wet November morning. For example, at a recent conference, Dr. Cartography explained her theory to a room full of boffins, and all of them turned into steam. It just doesn’t work.

Slightly more successful is Stanislav Dögel’s Unification of Gravity, Quantum Mechanics and Hotdogs. This theory assumes that gravity is a constant force, that observation on a quantum scale is subject to a probability cloud (in which more probable outcomes form denser parts of the cloud), and that hotdogs are delicious. Under these assumptions, calculations have proved that all matter, force and temperature can be reduced to a single substance that is not affected by the ‘time’ variable. Furthermore, supposed paradoxes of quantum mechanics are pushed aside using eight-dimensional probability matrices. And ketchup and mustard are mathematically proven to be the best accompaniment for hotdogs.

I do like this theory, but it is weakened by the fact that it only works if the number six is brown and wears a coat.

Finally, the Bisley/Steiner Theory of Everything posits that everything is, like, connected, in this kind of invisible way, and that everything you do is, like, connected to everything else and when you do something, yeah, it, like, affects other things, although maybe not in this big way that’s like noticeable and stuff, but the more things you do the bigger the effect is on other things, and so eventually it becomes noticeable and that’s what deja vu is, man.

I can’t say for sure whether this theory is correct, but on a purely theoretical level it would explain a great deal about humanity and our interactions with the world. Preliminary tests have shown that the B/S ToE is accurate on a quantum level, but whether it is applicable to a sub-quantum level (with quarks and shit), is yet to be seen.

There are also rumours that Bisley and Steiner are working on a follow-up study in which they update their theories to include the fact that some Cheetos would be, like, awesome right now.


Tony Spunk said...

You are just full of the big words bro. Probability cloud? The only cloud I'm familiar with is the one spouting out of Pedro's ass after a night at Taco Bell.

Can you supply a guy with the Theory of Hooking a Lady With a Badonkadonk Butt?

Red said...

This post makes my brain hurt.

Hunter said...

Some guy in a motorized wheel chair just mentioned that Bisley and Steiner might also work a Big Gulp into their new theory.

tennysoneehemingway said...

Hey! I had the Bisley/Steiner theory first know, it was mine....I think and...hey, while you're out, could you bring back some Twisties? And maybe some cleaning products.

BeckEye said...

You've seen Bisley and Steiner? TODAY? Tell them to get over here with my weed. I've been waiting since 5.

Sid said...

First time on your blog. Wish my science teachers were THIS interesting.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Tony: My Theory of Hooking a Lady With A Badonkadonk Butt: First, get on the dancefloor. Second, show off your moves. Third, watch in horror as someone else moves in on her. Fourth, cry myself to sleep in the corner.

Red: It's quite simple really. You just have to remember that time is not constant and that fractal geometry is the only true randomness. It'll all be easy then.

Hunter: Davros said that?

Tennyson: Hey man, they won because they wrote it down. On the back of a beermat, but they still wrote it down.

Beckeye: That's not week, that's oregano! (Bonus points for the reference)

Sid: Welcome! Pull up a chair, make yourself at home!

Soda and Candy said...

Ooh the silly string one is my favorite. It makes sense.

Also, now I really want some Twisties. Cheetos are not quite the same.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at your Davros mention up there. And my head blew up at the scientific stuff about string. I am impressed by your majestic knowledge of all things.

Captain Incredible said...

Silly string?

You have no idea how close you are to the answer.

The application of a small Heisenberg inversion should explain everything.

Bisley and Steiner will be, like, totally bummed.

Unknown said...
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The Imaginary Reviewer said...

S&C: Now I want to know what Twisties are. I thought they were something for securing bin bags.

The VA: Thank you! When you're a reviewer it really does help to know lots of stuff about a great many things.

Captain: A Heisenberg Inversion? You mean...Certainty? The Certainty Principle? It all makes so much sense now!

Daltana said...

All of this can be helped by the "Oversimplification Theory." "If it exists, it's there. If it doesn't exist, it's not there."

I came up with this theory after a night of careful consideration and calculation. Or maybe it was too many shots at the bar and some bad sushi. Something like that.

I think Twisties are a kind of licorice, like Twizzlers.