Monday, 2 July 2007

Tonight’s Reality TV

Looks like we’ll be having another interesting episode of America’s Next Top Gynaecologist (Sky One, 9.00) tonight. Fan-favourite Morris’s speculum technique is improving, but his failure to wash his hands could mean the end for this popular contestant. Watch out for an exciting hissy-fit between Callum and Dave over correct ultrasound technique. Riveting.

ITV’s Celebrity Porn Star Challenge (7.30) is really hotting up. Since the departure of Ann Widdecombe (MP) last week, the rest of the contestants are really pulling out all the stops to try and win a leading role in the next Seymour Butts movie and £30,000 for charity. As host Jenna Jameson says this week, the celebrities really have what it takes to be the next big blue movie star! Tonight will see TV host Jenny Powell and comedian Russ Abbot pairing up for some hardcore action while former Olympic javelin champion Fatima Whitbread will be in a threesome with journalist Christopher Hitchens and OJ Simpson.

The makers of Channel Five’s Extreme Sandpaper Threat Hour (5.30) are taking no chances with their new show: all preview copies of the show sent to reviewers have contained hour-long footage of a kitten in a birdcage. Expect the unexpected from this show, folks!

Finally, Stare at the Big Man (BBC2, 11.00), which showed so much promise when it began last autumn, is turning into a massive turkey. From the looks of things, the big man himself isn’t too pleased with all the staring, either.

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