Monday, 31 March 2008

The Latest Magazines Reviewed!

The April issue of The British Philosophical Journal is about to hit the newsagents, and it’s as full of all your favourite philosophers as previous issues. The cover features prominent American philosopher John Searle, who talks inside about his favourite Girls Aloud songs, his tips for the upcoming European Cup finals and the best places to eat in his home town of Denver. Also included in the publication is a pull-out-and-keep guide to ontological proofs of the existence of God, the fourth in the series of Classic Interviews (in which Bertrand Russell tells us, over a game of pool, why he is not a Christmas card-sender), and a poster of Daniel Dennett. There is also a competition, the winner of which will be flown to Los Angeles, where they will get backstage passes to a talk on homuncular functionalism by William Lycan.

Also out next week is the latest issue of Teen Pop! magazine, a new publication aimed at teenagers who like pop music. In this issue, Rihanna discusses her views on Kantian ethics, while Leona Lewis talks to Russell Brand about her forthcoming biography of nineteeth century German painter Adrian Ludwig Richter. Also in this issue, win a chance to shoot the Westlife member of your choice in the knee, and Will Self compares the work of Mariah Carey to the written ouvre of Andrea Dworkin.

Blank Cassette Collector Monthly has a new format this month, moving to a Berliner size and having a guest editor for every issue. With Salman Rushdie at the helm of this issue, articles include Memorex in 1992: The Golden Year, The Blank CD: Why it is Shit, and How to Stop Your Children From Recording Things on Your Blank Cassettes. Also, Part 2 of Nick Hornby’s opinion piece The Other Side: Why it’s Good to Put Music on Your Blank Cassettes, with a counterpoint article by Grundy Macintosh, chairman of the Blank Cassette Collector Club.

Fans of the monthly serial Build a Chair will be pleased to find that the next issue comes with a cushion for the chair that they have very nearly finished building over the last 36 months. The final issue will be released in June, coming with a free pot of paint.

Finally, on a sad note, Casual Racist Magazine will no longer be in print after this month’s edition, but to celebrate three hate-filled years the publication will come with a free Bernard Manning joke book.


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