Friday, 22 February 2008

We see the new film from Pixar Studios!

The Adventures of Andrew the Anthropomorphic Animal is the new film from Pixar, the makers of Ratatouille and Cars. The film continues the company’s tendency to make animations about anthropomorphic creatures, the lone exception being The Impossibles, which was a complete financial disaster for Pixar due to its lack of things talking that shouldn’t normally talk.

With a famous human male actor playing the role of Andrew, and a famous female actor playing Cutesey, the beautiful but sassy anthropomorphic love interest, this film should continue to add to Pixar’s popularity. It’s full of fun for the whole family, with wonderful slapstick events that children will love, and some in-jokes for the adults, courtesy of Andrew’s dumb but wise-cracking sidekick, played by a famous comedian.

The story begins in Andrew’s home area, where he and his fellow animals do all sorts of things that humans do, but with funny animal-esque touches. Andrew is not satisfied with his life, however, and embarks on a quest that takes him beyond the confines of his familiar surroundings and into the great wide world, where he discovers himself and a whole lot more.

The film is gorgeously animated, with the anthropomorphic animals and scenery all beautifully rendered in a 3D style that is typical of the day. The character design is also great – Andrew’s nemesis, played by an aging English actor, is particularly nice to look at – and it’s certainly obvious that the makers spent a long time studying animals and their peculiarities. After a while one forgets that everything onscreen is a computer-generated creature behaving as a human, such is the realism of the hominine critters.

Of course, no film is perfect, and Andrew the Anthropomorphic Animal suffers from some flaws. The music, by a famous songwriter who had hits in the 1970s, grates a little as the film goes on. The sub-plot involving Andrew’s sidekick getting lost in a forest and trying to find his way back feels somewhat tacked on and familiar. But this is an otherwise good movie, which will be remembered forever as one of the many good movies featuring anthropomorphised non-human things that Pixar have made.

Rating: Four Antz out of Five

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