Friday, 12 December 2008

The Imaginary Review Holiday Gift Review Series, Part 3: Presents for Someone on Fire

So I’ve been through the best presents for drug addicts and deities, and now you’re satisfied that you have the right gift for Brahma and troubled cousin Tarquin. “But, Mister Imaginary Reviewer, sir,” I hear you cry, “what about crazy Aunt Mavis? The one who is always ablaze with the fires of Hades? The one who resists all attempts at dousing? What can I get for her?” Well, you rascally young scamp, let me tell you.

People who are on fire tend to find things even harder around Christmas time. My own Uncle Norris spent over ten years burning like a bonfire, but he always said that the worst time was around Advent. The tree, the presents, shopping centre Santas: anything that he got too close to would go up in flames just like him, but with a more tragic air. That’s why it’s important to treat those of us less not-on-fire than us at Christmas.

A great gift for someone on fire is the latest self-help book by ‘Dr’ Phil McGraw, Incineration Nation: What to do if You’re on Fire. With a foreword by Travis Barker of Blink 182 and chapters such as ‘Overcoming the fear to ask for help (and a bucket of water)’ and ‘Hose yourself down metaphorically with praise and actually with water’, this book will give any walking inferno the courage to stand up and say “Yes! I am a human being, not just a human burning!” It also has a handy series of maps showing lakes, ponds, puddles and taps in North America.

Many people who find themselves being cremated before their time tend to forget about things like beautifying themselves and looking nice. Indeed, the single-minded desire to not be ablaze can make people omit many essential things from their daily routine. Moisturising, for example, is even more needed during times of being reduced to ashes; the skin can get so dry when the fire is removing all moisture from it. That’s why The Body Shop has released a special new skincare range for people who are being gutted by Lucifer’s kiss. The Sweet Relief facial mask could be just what a burning person needs to combat the effects of aging, daily wear and tear and, of course, being on fire. I tested the face mask on a burning bush, and it looked years younger after just a few minutes of use.

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ more than a humorous sweater, possibly with a reindeer on it. Of course, being on fire makes it very difficult to wear funny outerwear, so why not get a Kevlar Suit and paint it in festive colours? The added personal touch will surely go down a treat with your friend, loved one or resented offspring.

The latest CD by Casual Buttplug, Let us Burn Down the Orphanage With Our Love contains their top ten hit I’d Kiss You With Tongues (If I Wasn’t Afraid of Second Degree Burns). Given that the band only sing about spontaneous combustion, the record would be an ideal gift for music loving human pyres. Their music is a mix of ska, pop and frenzied screaming, so there’s something for everyone.

Finally, why not just get that special singeing someone as much water as possible in order to put out their fire? I’m just saying, it seems a bit sensible, that’s all.


Distributorcap said...

my grandmother always said to use kosher salt on a fire. so for that kevlar suit person - a little salt in the stocking might be approps

katrocket said...

Thanks for these brilliant suggestions - I have many Firecrotches in my life who will be extra special presents this Christmas, specifically Cool-Gel underwear.

Some Guy said...

I've found that the Balm Of The Month Club is the gift that keeps on giving for the inflamed people in your life.

Clippy Mat said...

"that's hot"
Paris Hilton

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Distributorcap: Your Grandmother was wise, but I'm guessing not a fire safety professional.

Kat: Ah, the Firecrotch. Bane of my existence.

Some Guy: Hmm, I forgot about that. Top suggestion, sir!

Clippy mat: B'dum tish!

Clippy Mat said...

i'm here all week.
try the fish.